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Auditor General declines Board appointment

The Auditor General, Gemechu Dubisso, is reported to have declined his appointment as member of the board of directors of the state owned Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) this week, The Reporter has learnt.

Gemechu, who is the public face of exposing malpractice and abuse in public offices, was appointed by the new administration of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) along with other four directors to oversee the operations of the biggest bank in Ethiopia: CBE.

“I did receive the letter of appointment this week,” Gemechu confirmed to The Reporter via a phone interview. “However, it is difficult for me to accept the assignment,” he added.

“It will create a conflict of interest to serve in the board of directors of an institution when the office I lead is tasked with the responsibility of auditing it,” he explained.

Having this, Gemechu confirmed to The Reporter that he intends to decline the appointment.

Gemechu has been serving as the head of the Office of the Auditor General since 2009 after replacing the embattled Lemma Argaw, who suddenly left the post after the famous throw-down with the late Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi, in parliament about the legality of auditing regional states’ financial books. Since then, he has been well known in the public sphere for his daring audit reports which caught the attention of many.

As of this week, the government along with Gemechu has also appointed four other individuals to serve as directors in the board of the mammoth state-owned CBE.

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