Incredible youth that provide books to prison inmates voluntarily

Against Gravity, a group show organized as part of collaboration between Center for Photography in Ethiopia and Goethe Institute, was the other exhibition that revolves around the themes of identity, change and people.

Eight emerging photographers–Abdi Bekele, Addis Aemero, Bemnet Fekadu, Brook Getachew, Firehiwot Gebrealu, Mesert Argaw, Obsa Zerihun and Solomon Nigus–showed their works created following the CPE workshop mentorship program led by prominent art photographer Michael Tsegaye.

Against Gravity consists of images presented through photographs, videos and installations. The mentorship and workshop program trained these burgeoning photographers for 6 months in the technical operation of cameras, research, critical thinking and public engagement.

Against Gravity’s various pieces have the common property of combining the individual with the social, traversing through the intersecting issues of identity, social justice, gender and economic disparity prevalent in urban life. While Benoit’s work looks at the hidden men behind the city’s boom, Against Gravity explores the direct and indirect ways the city continuously, perhaps inadvertently, affects residents.

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